Stormgate Discord

Join the largest and oldest (founded October 2020) Stormgate Discord community with players, developers and RTS community figures. A great way to follow Stormgate news and to discuss them with the community, especially with our Stormgate dev tracker.

Besides that, we also talk about all kind of other RTS and strategy games – a great place to meet other players.

Our Stormgate Discord has sections for Stormgate & Frost Giant specific discussions, like modding & custom games, esports and spoilers, a section for RTS & strategy games in general and some off-topic channels.


Stormgate & Frost Giant

Our main section in the Discord – all about Frost Giant Studios and their RTS Stormgate. You’ll find channels for general talk, mapping, modding & customs, spoiler talk and also esports discussions. In the media channel you’ll find videos, articles & podcasts about Stormgate.

RTS & Strategy

The cave is all about RTS, so we also have a general RTS and Strategy section in which you can discuss other games from that genre. There is also an esports section for SC2 & co!


Want to talk about some other games? Do it in one of the offtopic sections.

  • Do you currently need mods for the Stormgate Discord?

    Currently, not looking for mods, but might in the future!

  • Is there an official Stormgate Discord?

    No, not currently. Frost Giant Studios wants to launch an official Discord server closer to the game being available. You’re more than welcome to join our Frost Giant Cave Discord until then – and welcome to stay after that, too!